BCVSp is a registered charity (No. 1158171)

BCVSp’s mission  is to advance the education of the public and the wellbeing of animals through the development, understanding and application of veterinary specialist care.


Our Trustees


  • Dr Mark Bowen (Chair)
  • Dr Richard Hepburn (Treasurer)
  • Dr Susana Silva (Secretary)
  • Dr Yvonne McGrotty (Public Outreach Lead)
  • Dr Andrea Turner (Production Animal Liaison)
  • Dr Matt Fiddes

Supporting Patients, People and the Profession


BCVSp helps the public to make informed choices on veterinary care for their animals, to understand options that are available to them and to find out how to access veterinary specialist care through the referral process.

BCVSp members are eligible to work in UK and are recognised as Specialists the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), and/or hold advanced diplomas accredited by the RCVS, European Board of Veterinary Specialists (EBVS), the American Veterinary Medical Association Board of Veterinary Specialists (AVMA-ABVS) or the Royal College of Pathologists (RCpath)

BCVSp members play a vital role in veterinary education through training of future Veterinary Specialists.