Seeking a new chairperson and two trustees

Several trustees have or will soon complete their terms.


This is a very belated thank you for the hard work and dedication to:
Celia Marr, who was a founding BCVSp member and BCVSp president for two years from 2018-2020 and whom worked tirelessly to develop the college and promote specialists to the animal community – she is and will continue to be missed by the Executive Committee and Trustees
Clive Elwood, who was also a founding BCVSp member and BCVSp treasurer for many years and left us with a healthy reserve to achieve the charitable aims of BCVSp
Davina Anderson, another founding BCVSp member and undertook roles including liaison with EBVS.

British Society for Veterinary Pathology – Farm Animal Pathology

British Society of Veterinary Pathologists Annual Meeting 2018 Applied ruminant pathology: Disease investigation, diagnosis and surveillance Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018 School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey
This year’s BSVP conference offers a quality lecture series focused on the four most common presentations of farmed ruminants to the post mortem room (pneumonia, sudden death, diarrhoea and abortion/perinatal mortality).