BCVSp Workshop: Early Career Day for Veterinary Specialists

The early stages of a veterinary specialist career form an important foundation for later success.  However, this period can be stressful as individuals adapt from the demands of residency training to become independent specialists.  The objective of this workshop is to discuss topics of particular practical importance for current residents and individuals who have completed a residency in the previous 5 years.  This will include establishing a healthy work/life balance, negotiating first jobs in academia and private practice, and exploring opportunities for professional development in clinical practice, research, and education.  Individuals who are not BCVSp members are very welcome to attend.


To maximise accessibility for current trainees, the workshop will be held on a Saturday, with discounted registration for early career groups:

– Current resident: £30 (£20 for BCVSp members)

– Finished residency in the last 5 years: £100 (£48 for BCVSp members)

– All others: £150 (£98 for BCVSp members)


If you are not already a member, you should consider joining BCVSp at the same time to benefit from the member discount.  Current residents may join as associate members, costing £10 per year.