British Society for Veterinary Pathology – Farm Animal Pathology

British Society of Veterinary Pathologists Annual Meeting 2018 Applied ruminant pathology: Disease investigation, diagnosis and surveillance Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018 School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey

This year’s BSVP conference offers a quality lecture series focused on the four most common presentations of farmed ruminants to the post mortem room (pneumonia, sudden death, diarrhoea and abortion/perinatal mortality). This conference incorporates an applied ‘front line’ investigative approach with in-depth reviews on the pathogenesis and diagnosis of selected key diseases.

Designed for all vets and veterinary pathologists engaged in the investigation of farm animal disease, we will address typical clinical history, key gross findings, sampling technique and interpretation to aid in the diagnosis and surveillance of disease. The programme will be delivered by a team of experienced clinicians, veterinary investigation officers and farm animal pathologists, supported by our Keynote speaker, Prof Francisco Uzal (UC Davis), and several leading scientists in the field.

Please come along and help shape the future of UK farm animal pathology and disease surveillance by making your voice heard during an expert panel discussion. Trainees – don’t miss this valuable opportunity to gain key tips and advice on passing the board examinations by attending a training session led by two current members of the ACVP Exam Committee.

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