Key Facts

Animal Treated


Animal Condition

Sarcoid (skin mass)

Specialist(s) Required

Equine Internal Medicine
Equine Surgical Specialist

Esmerelda the horse

Esmerelda, a 7-year old Cob cross mare developed this tumour which bled frequently. 

Before visiting the Specialist.

Esmerelda developed this mass, which grew to this size over a 4-6 week period. The primary care vets often manage skin tumours, but this one was particularly difficult because of its location. The tumour had started to bleed and was interfering with the tack when she was being ridden.


Esmerelda’s Care

The appearance of the tumour was consistent with a sarcoid so biopsying the mass was not deemed necessary and sometimes the biopsy can cause the tumours to grow even quicker. There were many treatment options that could be considered for this mass and both medicine and surgery specialists were involved in the decision making of what was the best plan of action. A drug injected into the mass was opted for.


Esmerelda’s Progress
The first treatment went well and the tumour has started to shrink and die-back. A further two or three treatments will likely be needed.


Article provided by Gayle Hallowell RCVS and American Specialist in Large Animal and Equine Internal Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care
University of Nottingham