Key Facts

Animal Treated


Animal Condition


Specialist(s) Required

Internal Medicine Specialist


This is Ozzzy. He’s a lovely old boy that had become really lethargic!

Before treatment
Blood tests revealed he had very high globulin levels (a blood protein) although the cause was not apparent so he was referred to a medicine specialist for further investigations.

Ozzzy’s Treatment
Ultrasound and radiographs did not provide the answers that were needed. So, a sample of his bone marrow was obtained. This involves taking a sample from the centre of one of the bones (either in the pelvis or front limb) using a large needle. From this, both liquid bone marrow, which is called an aspirate, and a more solid piece of tissue, known as a bone marrow core could be obtained. This confirmed that Ozzzy had a condition called multiple myeloma. Although this is a cancer of the bone marrow, survival rates are generally very good with treatment.

Ozzzy’s Results
Ozzzy has now started on treatment and will be monitored closely.

Article provided by Yvonne McGrotty
Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Independent Consultant