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Urinary stones

Specialists Required

Equine Internal Medicine, Equine Surgery

Wodka Lime

Wodka’s 5 year journey to health began with a painful kidney stone.

Before visiting the specialists

One night, Wodka became very distressed because he was unable to pass urine. His vet removed a stone blocking his urethra and referred him to Rossdales Equine Hospital for further investigation.

Wodka’s care

At Rossdales Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, an endoscope was inserted into Wodka’s bladder and his kidneys were examined with ultrasound which showed that the left kidney was severely diseased and this was causing small stones to form in the kidney and these were moving into the bladder causing intermittent blockages and discomfort. A special diet was recommended and over the next 4 years, Wodka was monitored carefully with blood tests and ultrasound.

For most of this time, Wodka felt fine but eventually, the problem in the left kidney began to cause him to be very uncomfortable when exercising. His owner and vets decided that, although this is a major operation, removing the left kidney would be the only way to help Wodka back to full health.

Wodka’s progress

Wodka had to stay in hospital for several weeks – he lost almost 20% of his body weight. But eventually, Wodka was able to leave the hospital and now, he is back doing what he loves, show jumping.

Article provided by
Celia Marr, Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine
Lewis Smith, Specialist in Equine Surgery