RCVS Stakeholder meeting on GP Specialist training

This is an important stakeholder event to discuss how GP Specialist training might work and how it might mesh with other Specialisms and career pathways.

British Society of Toxicological Pathology

BSTP is offering online education programmes in Digestive System (February 20-29, 2024) and Urinary System (9-18 July).

British Society for Veterinary Pathology – Farm Animal Pathology

British Society of Veterinary Pathologists Annual Meeting 2018 Applied ruminant pathology: Disease investigation, diagnosis and surveillance Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018 School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey
This year’s BSVP conference offers a quality lecture series focused on the four most common presentations of farmed ruminants to the post mortem room (pneumonia, sudden death, diarrhoea and abortion/perinatal mortality).

WellVet Weekend 24th to 26th August, 2018 Girton College, Cambridge

The WellVet Weekend is a not for profit social enterprise organised by Vetsnet, who promote wellbeing amongst all members of the veterinary profession, and VetLed who inspire, create and champion positive veterinary culture for our people, our patients and our profession.