Confidential reporting of the misuse of specialist status

The Veterinary Specialist’s Association are committed to protected the unique position held by veterinary specialists working in the UK.

RCVS launches largest and most comprehensive study of the UK veterinary sector

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is launching its Surveys of the Professions, the largest and most comprehensive study of the UK veterinary sector, which will be used to inform strategy and policy for years to come.

RCVS Academy launches new course to support veterinary professionals with client confidentiality issues

The RCVS Academy, a free digital learning platform for the veterinary professions, has launched ‘Client confidentiality,’ a new course which offers support and guidance to the veterinary team for situations where they feel it’s necessary to disclose confidential information without a client’s consent.

Hosting international Internships and Externships

Following Brexit, the recruitment of interns or the hosting of a resident for an external placement from outside the UK has become more complex.

Open and member meeting for vet specialists: 1 February 2024, 5pm

Find meeting link in our member forum or email for more information

BCVSp meet with RCVS

For minutes of a meeting held with RCVS on 25 October, go to the reports section on the hub…..

Call for new trustees

BCVSp is looking for volunteers to join the trustee board.

CMA launches review of vet sector

The CMA is opening a review of how veterinary services are bought and sold amid concerns that pet owners may not be getting a good deal or receiving the information they need to make good choices.

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Sadly the veterinary profession has a high rate of suicide.

Seeking a new chairperson and two trustees

Several trustees have or will soon complete their terms.