Confidential reporting of the misuse of specialist status

The Veterinary Specialist’s Association are committed to protected the unique position held by veterinary specialists working in the UK. The RCVS code of conduct states that:

  • Veterinary surgeons do not have to join the specialist list to practise any particular specialty, but they must be registered with the RCVS and included on the specialist list if they want to practise in the UK and use the title ‘specialist’, or imply they are a specialist’. This includes veterinary surgeons seeking to use such titles, or allowing others to use such titles, in connection with their business, trade, employment, or profession
  • Veterinary surgeons who are not on the specialist list should not use the title ‘specialist’ or imply they are a specialist, for example, they should not use such terms as ‘specialising in’. They may however use terms such as ‘having a special interest in…’, ‘experienced in…’, or ‘practice limited to…’, when promoting their services.

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