First draft of BCVSp’s proposal to the RCVS Practice Standards Group available for comment.

A first draft of a proposal to introduce a strand for vet specialist hospital is available for comment in the BCVsp member hub. The concept is that the new strand VSH(M) – is veterinary specialist hospital (multidisciplinary) will require hospitals to have already achieved core, general and hospital requirements in all modules with award levels defined for each. Then they will be required to fulfil some general requirements for VSH(M) plus service-specific requirements for each service they are offering.

The work for this has been led by Tim Mair, Terry Emerson and myself, helped by Lewis Smith, Adam Mugford, Perrine Benmansour, and Rodolfo Cappello. The draft we have posted is to be considered a first attempt – we now need input from members to add the details – both positive and negative comments will be very much appreciated.