Debra Archer




Equine Surgery

Current Post:

Professor in Equine Surgery, Head of Equine Surgery


All of UK

Clinical Profile

After working in mixed and then equine practice for 4 years, I completed a Residency in Equine Surgery in 2003 at the University of Liverpool. I obtained the RCVS Certificate in Equine Soft Tissue Surgery in 2003 and the European Diploma in Equine Surgery in 2004. After completing a PhD on the Epidemiology of Colic, I returned to the Equine Hospital as Senior Lecturer in Equine Soft Tissue Surgery and was promoted to Professor in Equine Surgery in 2013. I am head of the Equine Surgery Service my role comblines clinical work, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research, within the University’s Institute of Infection and Global Health. My main clinical interests are in all aspects of abdominal (including colic), urogenital, respiratory, dental surgery and in reconstructive surgery of the skin including oncology. I also perform laser surgery (upper respiratory and oncology), CT imaging of the head and emergency orthopaedic work. I wrote the Handbook of Equine Emergencies in 2013 and am regularly invited to speak nationally and internationally. I was head of the veterinary clinic team at London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and work as a treating vet at several international 3 day events.


My PhD was on the epidemiology of colic and I continue to be active in research in this area. Other research interests include: vector borne diseases including the role of mosquitoes and midges and their potential to transmit equine pathogens in the UK and vector competence, intestinal microbiota and its role in health and disease in horses, equine parasitology and infection control and the socioepidemiology of laminitis and colic. I have published over 45 papers in these areas and am principle investigator for several grants. I have previously supervised / currently supervise a number of PhD and MPhil students.