Vet Specialists:

  • have completed advanced training, usually over a minimum of 3 years. Find out more here.
  • have normally passed post graduate Diploma exams overseen by the RCVS, a European or American Speciality College or the RCPath. Find out more here.
  • are required to regularly re-validate their expertise and knowledge: every specialist must complete a re-accreditation process at least once every five years and many Vet Specialists are re-accredited by both the RCVS and one of the European Speciality Colleges overseen by the EBVS.

In order to maintain their status as Vet Specialists, these individuals have to:

  • possess an RCVS, EBVS or AVMA-ABVS Diploma or other relevant post graduate qualification
  • be acknowledged by their peers in the area of specialisation
  • document that they continue their own educational and professional develpment as well as the education of fellow vets by publishing, teaching, reviewing, examining and attending national and international specialist meetings
  • be available for referral by other veterinary colleagues
  • document that they are currently an active practitioner within the specialist field


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