New Section in RCVS guidance to Code of Conduct

The RCVS has recently updated the guidance to the Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons. (Section 23.32). While we do not agree with this new guidance, we do, however feel that on balance, we must comply with the current (previous) guidance which states in Section 23.30 “Only veterinary surgeons on the specialist list may use the title ‘specialist’ or ‘RCVS Recognised Specialist’ or imply they are a ‘specialist’. Specialists on the specialist list may also use an appropriate title conferred by their speciality college.”

click on the link to read the full Section 23.

Please share this post and encourage other Specialists to register with the RCVS and ensure that they are on the list. Your employer should pay these fees if they pay your registration fees as it is a requirement if they wish to advertise your services as a Specialist (in much the same way as you have to be registered to practice in the UK with the RCVS)

You can apply by logging in to your RCVS account and details are here

Our executive committee are scheduling a meeting with the RCVS Standards committee to discuss the new guidance and how it is intended to enhance the understanding of the general public on the structure of the profession.