The VSA know how emotional it can be when our beloved pets and animals need further medical care and treatment. In stressful times, having a clear understanding is so important, which is why we ensure that you understand all of the options available, without the jargon, before you take on the help of a specialist.


Who is a Vet Specialist?

Think of a vet specialist as the equivalent to a consultant in human medicine.

With over 30 different disciplines covering small animal surgery, cattle health and production to diagnostic imaging, anaesthesia, pathology and animal behaviour, to name but a few. An animal specialist deals with specific health issues in everything from horses, dogs and cats to farm animals, camelids, birds and even fish and wildlife.

To span such a vast array of animals, our specialists have internationally recognised qualifications, accredited expertise, access to specific equipment and a passion to learn and grow their skill set to ensure your animals, no matter their size, are given the care they deserve when they need it most.

Your Veterinarian and Vet Specialist

Your primary veterinarian will be your first port of call when your animal requires treatment. They will be able to advise you on what expertise might be needed in order to help your animal from beginning to end. Sometimes this means bringing in more than one specialist to assist in the care of your animal when complex therapies, surgeries and procedures are required. By bringing together a host of specialists from various different fields, care plans can be created for every aspect of your animal’s treatment.

Both your veterinarian and vet specialist will work closely together throughout your animal’s treatment until primary care can be handed back to your normal veterinarian. And you and your animal can get back to normal life. 


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