Key Facts

Animal Treated


Animal Condition

Eosinophilic Bronchopneumopathy

Specialist(s) Required

Internal Medicine Specialist


Say hello to Breech, the boarder terrier with a nasty on-going cough!

Before Treatment
For several months and despite supportive treatment, including antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, his cough did not improve. His usual vet had obtained chest radiographs which revealed some changes, but not enough to give a definitive reason for the cough. So, it was decided to refer Breech to a small animal Internal Medicine specialist for further investigations.

Breech’s Treatment
Once with the Specialist, a CT-scan was performed on his chest and the detected changes were quite dramatic. The pictures revealed that many of the airways were filled with debris. It was then decided that a bronchoscopy (a camera to look down into the airways) was required to gain further detail of the debris. Upon closer inspection, larger plugs of debris were found within the airways. These were then taken for a biopsy, where it was confirmed that Breech had an uncommon condition called ‘eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy’. In this condition, cells associated with an allergic-type response had built up in the airways and caused the horrible coughing.

Breech’s Progress
Breech is now using a steroid inhaler and his cough has completely resolved and he is feeling much better!

Article provided by Yvonne McGrotty
Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Independent Consultant

Specialists for this case: small animal Internal Medicine, Diagnostic imaging, Pathology