Daisy, a French Bulldog with an oesophageal foreign body

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French Bulldog

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Oesophageal Foreign Body

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Small Animal Medicine

Daisy the French Bulldog puppy who bit off more than she could chew

Daisy, a 7mth old female French Bulldog


Before visiting the Specialist.

Daisy’s Care

Daisy was witnessed swallowing a large bone by the owner. She immediately started retching and seemed distressed. A radiograph was obtained and confirmed the presence of an oesophageal foreign body extending into the stomach.

Under anesthesia, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy was performed. A large foreign body was identified in the food pipe. Large forceps were used to remove the foreign body (a rib) using endoscopic guidance.

Daisy made a full recovery and was discharged later the same day.


Article provided by Yvonne McGrotty

Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine