Key Facts

Animal Treated


Animal Condition

Ethmoid Haematoma

Specialist(s) Required

Equine Surgery
Veterinary Pathology


Before Visiting The Specialist

Rolo was suffering from recurring nose bleeds. Given the complex nature of problems with the equine head he was referred for advanced imaging.

Rolo’s Care

Rolo was referred to Rossdales Equine Hospital with a suspected Ethmoid Haematoma (a mass in the paranasal sinuses that resembles a tumor), after experiencing nose bleeds.Computed tomography (CT) was used to create 3D images of Rolo’s head and after an abnormality in the sinuses was located, equine surgeon Lewis Smith created a hole in Rolo’s frontal bone, and inserted an endoscopy to locate and take a biopsy of the mass.

A sample of the mass was taken using an endoscope.  Based on the microscopic features of this mass, Alastair Foote, a specialist in Veterinary Pathology, confirmed the diagnosis of an Ethmoid Haematoma.

The Ethmoid Haematoma was treated on several occasions with intralesional injections of formalin performed by endoscope, in order to reduce the size of the haematoma.


The Ethmoid Haematoma has reduced in size following the treatment and Rolo has been able to go back to competition.

Article provided by Lewis Smith, Alastair Foote