Key Facts

Animals Treated

Mare and foal

Animals’ Conditions

Pregnancy complication, neonatal illness  and conformational problems

Specialists Required

Equine Internal Medicine, Equine Surgery

Tia & Geoffrey

When broodmare Tia became sick, her unborn foal was at risk.

Before visiting the specialists

Tia the mare had some trouble getting in foal and her owners were delighted when a scan showed she was pregnant. But 5 weeks before the foal was due, Tia developed premature mammary swelling. Blood tests showed infection. Due to concern for Tia’s unborn foal, her vet referred her to Rossdales Equine Hospital to investigate further.

Tia and Geoffrey’s Care

An ultrasound, performed by the Equine Internal Medicine Specialists, showed Tia had developed placentitis due to infection entering the uterus. This very dangerous for the unborn foal and Tia was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Two weeks later, Tia gave birth to a colt foal, Geoffrey. Tia was absolutely fine after foaling but Geoffrey was 3 weeks premature, very small and rather weak.  At this stage, his specialist team was expanded to include Equine Surgeons. When he was only 5 days old, Geoffrey had a minor operation on his eyes and because he was having trouble straightening his right forelimb, a special shoe was glued to his delicate hooves.  But by the time he was two months old, Geoffrey had a club foot so he had a further surgery – an inferior check ligament desmotomy – to help him straighten his leg allowing him to take weight on his foot properly so that it could grow normally.

Geoffrey’s Progress

Tia and Geoffrey have visited Rossdales Equine Hospital several times, but now Geoffrey has many friends and is a happy and healthy boy who enjoys hanging out with his buddies.

Article provided by
Celia Marr, Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine
Cat Mackenzie, Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine
Tim Barnett, Specialist in Equine Surgery