Seeking a new chairperson and two trustees

Several trustees have or will soon complete their terms. We are therefore seeking motivated individuals to reinvigorate BCVSp post-COVID to promote the role of specialists to the public and profession.

For enquiries and further information, please email ( Closing submissions are 31st October 2021 to allow time for a ballot with a start date of Jan 2022.

The application form can be found in the reports section on the hub.


All full BCVSp members are eligible to stand for election to the board of trustees and to vote in the trustee
elections provided that they have an active online member account at Veterinarians who are Members or Fellows of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are eligible to join BCVSp if they fulfil at least one of the following criteria:
1. Active listing on the RCVS List of Recognised Specialists.
2. Hold a Diploma from a specialty college recognised by EBVS.
3. Hold a Diploma from a specialty college recognised by AVMA-­ABVS
4. Hold a Diploma awarded by the RCVS
5. Hold FRCPath.

General Requirements of Trustees

A copy of BCVSp’s constitution is available at . Trustees are responsible
for ensuring the organization is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit, is directed and governed
appropriately and its resources are managed responsibly. Prospective election candidates may find the
following information helpful:­trustee-­whats-­involved#trustees-­6-­main-­duties

Trustees are appointed by the Board of Trustees for an initial term of 1 year; thereafter trustees can serve
two more terms before being required to stand down for at least one year. Specific roles available are
defined by the Board of Trustees with the aim of ensuring that the group is representative of all British
Veterinary Specialists. Trustees meet by teleconference at least four times per year and face-­to-­face less
frequently. Attendance at meetings with other veterinary associations may be required, usually in London.
Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Specific Trustee Roles available for 2022

We are seeking to appoint at least three new trustees in 2022. At least one of these will take
specific responsibility for increasing recruitment and engagement of members and the second to promote
the role of specialists to the general public. We are additionall

There are various roles which must be filled by members of the trustee board in 2022 including a
new chairperson to join our executive team.

All trustees will be expected to create content for forums which will shortly be available in the members only
section of our website. Additionally, trustees are also likely to be asked to take responsibility for specific
initiatives or projects throughout their tenure.

Application process

You can download the application form in the reports section of the hub:

Please complete our application form and email to together with a photograph in
jpg format. A “head shot” is preferred.

• Closing date for election applications: 30 October 2021.
• Election material will be posted on the BCVSp website shortly afterwards
• Election voting online: 7 – 30 November 2021.
• Results confirmed by BCVSp trustees: 7 December 2021
• Initial trustee term 1/1/22 – 31/12/22 the elected trustees are expected to be willing to
accept reappointment for two subsequent one year terms